About Brian


After loosing my Father to a tragic car accident in 2005, I realized how short  life is.  I needed something to channel all of my pain and sorrow into.  While working in the corporate world I started to teach myself how to weld in my free time.  The artistic side came natural to me as I have been creating things my whole life.  I worked in the interiors business for 15 years as a custom furniture maker and upholsterer.  I soon learned how soothing it was to me as my first piece came to life, it was a rendition of my father playing  golf.  This sculpture, which is pictured, was a memorial for my  family to always remember my father by.  He resides peacefully at my mothers house playing golf in the backyard. The feeling I got looking at the finished piece told me to follow my dreams. I knew I was hooked.  I started making pieces to give as gifts.  After years of people  telling me I should sell my sculptures, I finally decided to follow my heart and start sharing them with the world.